Early implementation of tele app to fight corona virus

In Denmark, local general practitioners (GPs) can offer video consultations to patients through the app called “Min læge” (My doctor). This service saves time for both GPs and patients and can also be an effective tool to help prevent spread of the coronavirus.

By using the app, patients can stay at home and have video consultations with their GP. This solution benefits both GPs and patients. For example, patients can stay at home or at work and thus save time on transportation. At the same time, scheduled video consultations can help free up time for the GP, which can be spend on more patients.

Elderly patients with e.g. heart diseases, and patients with anxiety can also benefit from this solution because they can stay at home. Furthermore, video consultation can also be used as a tool to help prevent spread of the coronavirus as patients can stay at home and thus avoid infecting each other in the waiting room or infecting the GP. If a GP gets infected, he or she has to be put in quarantine and cannot see any patients for 14 days. However, with this solution, the GPs can still conduct the consultations through video.