FirstAED introduces successful app in Finland

June 17, 2015
With funding from The Market Development Fund, the Danish FirstAED app is now ready to be introduced to the international market, starting with Helsinki, Finland.

The FirstAED app is a Danish smartphone system for first responders aimed at reducing response time to CPR and significantly increasing chances of survival after cardiac arrest. FirstAED has been granted €265.000 ($290.000) by The Market Development Fund making it possible to share its pioneering technology internationally.

Based on experiences with the Danish app, the technology will now be adopted in Helsinki, Finland, with the aim to improve the Finnish survival rate after cardiac arrest.

The smartphone-based FirstAED system was invented in 2011 and has been in use in Langeland, Denmark, with more than 1.200 alarm calls over the last three years. By using the FirstAED app, response time to CPR has been reduced by 50 pct. as first responders are called on scene fast and efficiently in case of a cardiac arrestresponse time to CPR was reduced. The response time is now approximately 4 minutes, which means that the chance of surviving a cardiac arrest has increased from 10 pct. to 30 pct.

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