French impact-investor will invest one and a half billion in vulnerable people

The French investment firm, Impact Partners, has raised DKK 1.5 billion for a new investment fund in order to boost companies that help vulnerable citizens. The fund has just opened an office in Copenhagen which will be a significant growth promoter for Danish companies with social ambitions.

By investing in companies that improve the living conditions or opportunities for the socially deprived – either by hiring people who are socially deprived, or by making products or services for them – it is the fund’s goal to ensure social improvements without compromising the financial returns.

Each investment must make a well-defined social difference. Examples could be that a company may have to hire a given number of people with autism over a number of years or that a business has to distribute a certain amount of food to the homeless.

One of the intentions behind the fund is to help expansion-ready impact companies spread their products and services to other European countries. Impact Partners operates in France, Germany, Spain and now also in Denmark, which will act as a bridgehead to the Nordic market.