Healthcare DENMARK announces Ambassador Summit

October 01, 2014
Healthcare DENMARK establishes a network of international healthcare ambassadors, tasked with sharing knowledge and benchmarking best practices.

Healthcare DENMARK establishes an international network of healthcare ambassadors, gathering experts and thought leaders from around the world.

This month, Healthcare DENMARK unveils, maybe the world's first, international network of ambassadors for national healthcare expertise. To benchmark Danish best practices, an exclusive elite of carefully selected thought leaders and experts from around the world will meet for a two-day program including an official dinner and a reception with Danish politicians and Healthcare DENMARK patron, Her Royal Highness Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, in Copenhagen on October 27 and 28.

Each ambassador represents his or her own specialty within healthcare and has a deep understanding of the sector in both Denmark and their home country. The vision of the Healthcare DENMARK ambassador network is to make healthcare more refined, efficient, and patient-centered around the world.

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