Highly operational market access and innovation program for Danish companies looking towards India

NORDIN is a comprehensive end-to-end market access program tailored to Danish SMEs looking to enter the Indian market. We cater specifically to B2B companies. The complete duration of the program is 11 months.

NORDIN is a partnership between Asia House, Green Innovation Group, The Confederacy of Danish Industry and Innovation Centre Denmark in Bangalore, which offers a targeted and coherent export and innovation program for Danish SMEs interested in accessing the Indian market. The program provides a long term, closely supervised engagement with the Indian market and is designed to help Danish SMEs clear the very hurdles that make India a tough market to crack.  The programme is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation, and the program is therefore offered free of charge for the selected companies.

The demand for healthcare in India is booming, estimated to reach $374 billion by 2022. With diverse disease profiles, openness to technology and a need for sustainable solutions, the Indian healthcare market provides interesting opportunities. This is not limited to market entry, but innovation towards emerging markets and access to large datasets for machine learning and testing.

NORDIN provides a 11-13-month long engagement, free of charge. The programme is customised to each company and provides tailored market research reports, expert access, client and partner connections and business model and product advisory. NORDIN is looking for B2B healthcare start-ups, scale ups and SME’s interested in the Indian market. 12 of 24 spots have been filled already.

Apply now on: https://nordin.io/

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