Inauguration of Nation of Health by HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark

Denmark now has a new visitor center, Nation of Health, which was inaugurated by HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, in Odense, Southern Denmark.

The visitor center was inaugurated by HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark, patron of Healthcare DENMARK, who cut the ribbon in front of the main entrance of Nation of Health.

The inauguration was attended by Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, Simon Kollerup, Chairman of Danish Regions, Stephanie Lose, Mayor of Odense, Peter Rahbæk Juel, Chairman of the Danish Industry Foundation, Sten Scheibye, and Chairman of Healthcare DENMARK, Jørgen Falkebo Jensen.

At the venue of Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark, they each gave a speech and afterwards they were given a guided tour in the new visitor center, Nation of Health, along with HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark.

The visitor center is going to form the framework for future international delegation visits with foreign ministers, business leaders and decision-makers, and thereby strengthen the international branding and promotion of Danish products and solutions within the health and welfare area.

International decision-makers show great interest in the development of the Danish healthcare system and in the Danish positions of strength within health and welfare. The interest can be seen, among other things, through an increasing demand for Danish solutions. The new visitor center will contribute to further stimulation of this demand, and thus increase competitiveness and pave the way for new export agreements for Danish companies.

Healthcare DENMARK and the Danish Industry Foundation have established the national visitor center, Nation of Health, in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark, UCL University College, the Region of Southern Denmark, and Odense Municipality.

The visitor center can be used for both physical and virtual visits and is designed to create a faster and more accurate communication of the strengths and solutions that are relevant to the individual delegation. At the same time, the visitor center makes it possible to engage guests and involve Danish companies’ products and solutions to an even greater degree than before in connection with the delegation visits.

Nation of Health is designed by the architectural firm C.F. Møller in a modern and Scandinavian expression, and the design company Kollision has been responsible for the design of the inner framework of the visitor center.

Watch video from the inauguration here.