Innovative Danish sound solution experiences great success in American hospitals

May 12, 2021

MusiCure is a Danish audio and film solution focusing on ‘music as medicine’. It consists of specially composed music and nature films and works to reduce stress and pain as well as to create soothing and calm surroundings for both patients, staff and visitors.

The music conveys a positive, stress-free, inspiring and motivating atmosphere through high quality original music, and the films are a great way to bring nature inside the hospital for the patients that are unable to go outside.

The compositions consist of instrumental soundscapes, performed on acoustic instruments by highly trained classical soloists, as well as unique recordings of nature sounds, which are carefully selected and integrated into the music.

The solution was introduced to the American healthcare market in 2017 and have since had great success in hospitals across America.

The nursing staff can receive education about the evidence-based research behind MusiCure in order to present patients for their options on arrival and throughout their stay.

The solution can be used throughout the entire hospital, both in patient rooms, waiting rooms, treatment rooms and staff lounges. Other than creating a calm sound environment, it also helps patients sleep better and some of which even say that it helps reduce, relieve, or completely remove their pain.