IT solution is crucial for the execution of Denmark's corona test strategy

It only took three weeks for the software company Systematic to customize the IT system that currently provides the health authorities with an overview of the capacity of Denmark’s test centers. The solution is made available free of charge to the Danish health authorities.

An important part of the strategy to fight coronavirus in Denmark is to always be at the forefront of the development of infection. As the Danish authorities faced an urgent need to increase the capacity to conduct tests, Systematic offered to tailor an IT solution to keep track of the number of tests and bookings in the newly established test centers.

”When the government's strategy is to test far more Danes so that we can break the chains of infection, then we must be sure that we can manage the capacity, so that especially important groups such as close contacts of a person with a confirmed infection can always come in and be tested right away. At the same time, we must avoid heavy, bureaucratic reporting regimes so that healthcare professionals can spend their time testing citizens. When Systematic offered free development of a simple and flexible solution that could automatically monitor the capacity of the test centers based on the data we already have, we gladly received the offer”, says Head of Digitisation Nanna Skovgaard from the Danish Ministry of Health, according to a press release.

The solution is called Columna Flow Capacity Management, a flexible and user-friendly IT system that is already used in some Danish hospitals in a slightly more advanced version. Systematic adapted the solution, which was configured to receive data from the test centers' booking system, so that the health authorities can have an overview of the capacity of the country's 20 test centers belonging to Testcenter Denmark. The system allows both test centers and authorities to monitor the number of bookings, test times offered, tests completed and thus provides an overview of the capacity pressure.

Systematic is already a supplier of logistics, care and patient record solutions to the healthcare sector in Denmark and abroad, and Columna Flow Solutions are used in several hospitals around the world.

”Columna Flow Capacity Mangement is an advanced solution that is used for capacity management and to provide an overview of beds and the expected number of hospitalizations and discharges. The model used in the test centers is a simpler configuration, but the solution can be expanded to show the number of inpatients on the special COVID-19 hospital wards, the number of available ventilators and the inventory of protective equipment in all the country's hospitals, says Group Senior Vice President Henrik Jespersen from Systematic, according to a press release.