Danish biotech company signs international collaboration deal

March 23, 2016
The small Danish biotech company, Alphalyse, has signed a collaboration deal with international enzyme giant, Genovis.

In a newly signed collaboration deal between the small Danish biotech company, Alphalyse, and international enzyme giant, Genovis, the two will collaborate on developing new methods for the advanced analysis method mass spectrometry.

Alphalyse is highly specialized in mass spectrometry and the new deal sees the Danish company perform all mass spectrometry analyses for Genovis. This enables Alphalyse to perfect and customize the method based on Genovis’ existing and upcoming products.

Genovis produces so-called ‘smart enzymes’ for the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. enzymes that are used to process antibodies and split them into smaller fragments. By analyzing the outcome of the enzymatic processes, Alphalyse can observe if Genovis’ enzymes work as intended and point to possible limitations in their use. This essentially paves the way for more precise and efficient pharmaceutical products.

The financial aspects of the deal has not been disclosed, but the two companies will market their new methods for mass spectrometry and other results of their collaboration jointly.

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