Danish researchers ensure safe transportation of pharmaceuticals

March 07, 2016
Researchers from the Department of Pharmacy at University of Copenhagen participate in a project to find new solutions to safe transportation of pharmaceuticals.

A new research project from the Department of Pharmacy at University of Copenhagen aims to provide knowledge and solutions to ensure that pharmaceuticals are not damaged by high humidity and temperature during transportation.

It is essential for the quality of pharmaceutical products that they are not compromised during transportation. The project, Q-Dry, will investigate how powder materials and dry ingredients can be manufactured so that the substances are stable enough to withstand the physical challenges of transportation over long distances.

The aim of the project is to help the industry addressing the challenges related to exporting dry products to new growth markets with high humidity and temperatures.

Innovation Fund Denmark supports the project with €2.4 million ($2.65 million) and the partners in the project are the Danish Technological Institute, Department of Food Science, and ingredients producers Fertin Pharma, KMC, Novozymes, SuccaDania, DC Ingredients, and Haldor Topsøe.

Read more about the project here.