Danish robot to revolutionize lab workflows

May 19, 2016
A spin-off company from the IT University of Copenhagen has developed a robot for more flexible pipetting in labs.

A new robot by a Danish spin-off company from the IT University of Copenhagen, Flow Robotics, is set to revolutionize workflows in research and development laboratories all over the world. The robot is able to handle liquids and perform accurate pipetting tasks in e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, faster, cheaper, and more flexible than existing automated solutions.

The Danish robot is based on a new patent-pending technology developed by researchers at the IT University of Copenhagen and enables a higher degree of flexibility and user-friendliness than has previously been possible. The robot is especially useful in labs where tasks change often because it can perform a number of different tasks, contrary to existing robots, which are often programmed to perform single automated lab processes.

A group of investors, including ITU Business Development, backs the development of the robot with a €269,000 ($302,500) investment. During the start-up phase, ITU Business Development will take on the role as both co-owner and collaboration partner with Flow Robotics.

Read more about Flow Robotics here

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