France finds inspiration in Danish elderly care

March 22, 2018

Photo by Healthcare DENMARK
Healthcare professionals from the French elder care sector visit Denmark to learn about Danish elder care strategies and assisted living.

On March 20-22, 2018, a delegation of decision makers and healthcare professionals including hospital and nursing home directors from all over France visited Denmark to learn about the Danish elder care strategies and in particular dementia care and implementation of innovative assisted living technologies.

The program started out with a visit to the Danish Ministry of Health for an introduction to the Danish elder care strategies and challenges including the new national action plan on dementia. Next, the delegates visited Dragør activity center for senior citizens, which aims to reduce the risk of inactivity, social isolation and physical degradation. At the activity center, the delegates learned about how Denmark works to promote social volunteering that helps to improve quality of life for seniors.

Part of the program was also a visit to the Center of Assistive Technology in Copenhagen, which is a showroom presenting new innovative technologies, as well as a place for occupation therapists to advice professionals and citizens on how to use the technological aids.

During their visit, the delegates experienced the concept of the institution called SOPU København & Nordsjælland. The institution provides vocational training programs within healthcare and education with the purpose to future-proof the competencies of social and healthcare staff. The programs include basic courses, social and healthcare assistant education, and pedagogical assistant education as well as a wide range of courses and other educational activities for employees, companies and public institutions.

The busy delegation program also included a site visit to the nursing home Frydenholm, a new and modern nursing home that works proactively with assisted living technology in practice. Rounding off the visit to Denmark was a site visit to the Dementia Center Pilehuset, a nursing home specialized in care for citizens with dementia.

The visit was organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK in close collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy in Paris. For more information about this visit, please contact Chief Consultant Anne Smetana.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark and seeing these or other Danish healthcare solutions and initiatives yourself, please do not hesitate to request a visit. Healthcare DENMARK will tailor a program to your specific preferences and assist with planning local transportation and accommodation.