French TV channel reports on Danish state-of-the-art hospital

June 25, 2018

Photo by Aarhus University Hospital
The French TV channel France2 presents Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) as a pioneer within the field of hospitals in connection with an upcoming French hospital reform.

On June 25, a TV crew from the national channel France 2 in France spent Monday morning visiting Aarhus University Hospital as a prelude to President Emmanuel Macron's State visit to Denmark this autumn. In July, France will face a new hospital reform, and in that regard, France2 found it interesting to make a report on Aarhus University Hospital (AUH) based on the hospital's capabilities within IT and data.

It is no coincidence that France2 chose to visit AUH. According to a press release from Central Denmark Region, the journalist Frédérique Prabonnaud wanted to show the French viewers a modern and new super hospital, where innovative IT solutions help to streamline and improve the overview of work procedures and equipment in a busy everyday life, hoping the Danish model will inspire France.

The visit began with an interview with Group Managing Director from Central Denmark Region, Ole Thomsen, and Hospital Director at AUH, Poul Blaabjerg, followed by a guided tour including the Northern Helipad. Afterwards, Jacob Thorsted Sørensen, Chief Physician at The Department of Cardiology, was interviewed about telemedicine and ECG measurements in the pre-hospital ambulances and helicopters, and there was also time for a demonstration in one of the ambulances.

Afterwards, the 24-7 Laboratory and the emergency room were displayed, and while the TV crew was very impressed with the level of hospital technology, there was also time to admire more ordinary things - such as the number of bikes used by the staff in the hospital, which is quite unusual in France.

The recordings from the French TV channel France2 will be published within the next couple of weeks.

The visit was organized in close collaboration between Aarhus University Hospital and Healthcare DENMARK.

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