German hospitals implement Danish blood transportation system

September 04, 2018

Photo by Timedico A/S
Two new German Hospitals have chosen the Danish Tempus600 system for transportation of blood samples directly from the emergency department to the laboratory.

In order to handle the huge volume of ambulatory patients who are being treated every day, Essen and Neubrandenburg University Hospitals in Germany have chosen to implement the Tempus600 system for transporting blood samples. The system has been developed by the Danish company Timedico to reduce transportation and response time of blood samples.

Having experienced the Tempus600 live, the German hospitals decided that the system could be a turning point in achieving faster test results and starting correct patient treatment earlier while improving the quality of care.

The easy handling and quick transportation of samples save time for the nurses and biomedical technicians. The sample tubes are sent just as they are – without first being packed in a rack and send by traditional transportation system. The blood samples arrive safely in the laboratory immediately after they are taken.

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