Israel looks into Danish hospital construction and digitalization

March 21, 2018

Photo by Healthcare DENMARK
An Israeli delegation visits Denmark to learn more about the Danish healthcare sector, new hospital construction projects and digitalization.

On March 21, 2018, a ministerial delegation from Israel visited Denmark to learn more about the Danish healthcare sector. The delegates spent the day at the venue of  the Danish Ministry of Health where they first were introduced to the Danish healthcare system and new hospital construction projects.

Afterwards, the delegates participated in a session by Henrik Ibsen, CEO of Open Telehealth, who illustrated the possibilities of the universal cloud-based remote patient-monitoring platform. Rounding off the visit was an introduction to the IT solution Columna by Jens Peder Rasmussen, Director of Export, Clinical Information Systems, at Danish company Systematic. The delegates were very interested in learning how the Columna platform has been implemented in practice on both regional and national level.

The visit was organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK. For more information about this visit, please contact Chief Consultant Anne Beck Henriksen or Communications Assistant Muqdad Al-Dakhiel.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark and seeing these or other Danish healthcare solutions and initiatives yourself, please do not hesitate to request a visit. Healthcare DENMARK will tailor a program to your specific preferences and assist with planning local transportation and accommodation.