National rollout of telemedicine has started

March 15, 2016
In Denmark, municipalities, regions and government have now started a nationwide rollout of telemedicine for citizens with COPD.

A national deployment of telemedicine in Denmark has now started with the aim to increase quality of life for citizens with COPD. The nationwide deployment is organized in five regional programs - one for each Danish region and its municipalities. Each regional program is responsible for implementing telemedicine for COPD patients within their respective regions.

Telemedicine enables COPD patients to carry out measurements of e.g. blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation in their own homes. Healthcare personnel in the municipality follow up and ensure quick response if measurements show a deterioration in the citizen’s condition. Hereby, emergency admissions can be avoided.

In autumn 2015, the Danish government, Local Government Denmark, and Danish Regions agreed that telemedicine should be offered nationwide to all relevant citizens with COPD.