New national action plan to benefit patients with multiple sclerosis

August 07, 2018
In Denmark, a new national action plan worth €5.4 million will make a positive difference for patients with multiple sclerosis.

A new national action plan worth €5.4 million has been initiated by the Danish Government and the Danish People's Party to reduce waiting times and to ensure that patients with multiple sclerosis experience coherence in their course of treatment.

The number of Danes with multiple sclerosis has doubled in less than 20 years. Today, 16,000 Danes live with the disease. For a long time, the healthcare system has been under pressure in terms of treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. This means that 40 pct. of the patients with progressive multiple sclerosis do not have regular consultations with a neurologist, and some patients have to wait more than a year to be admitted to a hospital specialized in multiple sclerosis.

The new national action plan on multiple sclerosis will lead to a general improvement within this field.

The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Society will contribute to the development of the action plan by, among other things, offering to ensure that social workers and psychologists are present at sclerosis clinics around the country as well as provide education and courses for municipal employees.

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