New White Paper about Emergency Medical Services in Denmark

February 04, 2019
Healthcare DENMARK is proud to present a brand new White Paper about the Danish approach to a coherent Emergency Medical Service.

In close collaboration with innovative Danish companies and partners, Healthcare DENMARK has produced a brand new White Paper that presents the Danish approach to a coherent Emergency Medical Service (EMS). It describes some of the innovative solutions that the Danish healthcare sector has employed to increase the chance of successful outcomes in emergency situations.

During the past few decades, Emergency Medical Services have come to play an increasingly important role in the Danish healthcare system. This White Paper presents some of the key features of Denmark’s EMS system, focusing on the transformation it has undergone in recent decades. It also describes some of the considerations and concerns that have shaped these changes – and remain in focus as the EMS continues to evolve.

Danish healthcare innovation is not exclusive for the Danes: many years of global presence show that our healthcare products and solutions create value internationally. Danish ideas and products are used every day in ambulances, medical clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes across the world. This White Paper will further strengthen international promotion of innovative Danish prehospital solutions and services.

The White Paper about Emergency Medical Services is part of a series of White Papers that show how Danish solutions can contribute to increase efficiency in healthcare while empowering patients and staff.

Download the White Paper here.

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