New White Paper about Nordic Smart Digital Health

March 15, 2019
Healthcare DENMARK and Nordic partners are proud to present a new White Paper about innovative Nordic solutions to global challenges. Read and learn more about Nordic solutions within the field of Smart Digital Health.

In close collaboration, Healthcare DENMARK, Nordic Innovation, Swecare, Business Finland, Innovation Norway, and Promote Iceland have produced a brand new White Paper that introduces the Nordic approach to working with smart digital health.

The Nordic healthcare systems have a strong tradition for data-driven innovation, a patient-centered approach to care and treatment, and extensive cooperation across sectoral boundaries. These shared values provide them with a unique platform to co-create smart solutions, which address common healthcare challenges.

Nordic Welfare Solutions is one of six flagship projects under the Nordic prime ministers’ initiative “Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges” and aims at paving the way for increased export through Nordic cooperation, stronger Nordic branding, and storytelling.

This White Paper presents some of the smart digital health solutions developed and implemented in the Nordic countries with the purpose to, among other things, help patients monitor and manage their own conditions and thus improve treatment and diagnostics.

Download the White Paper and read more here.

We hope to inspire you.