Welsh delegates explore innovative Danish telemedicine

October 10, 2018

The new Healthcare DENMARK meeting point - Photo by Healthcare DENMARK
On October 9, a delegation from Wales visited Odense, Denmark, in connection with Week of Health and Innovation (WHINN) to find inspiration in Danish telemedicine and health innovation.

The delegates started their visit at the venue of Odense University Hospital (OUH) with a short introduction to the Danish healthcare system. Here, they also heard about the Super Hospital Program and how Denmark has managed to reduce the average length of stay in hospitals.
Next, the delegation heard a presentation about how Odense University Hospital works with health technology and innovation on a daily basis, followed by a live demonstration of the telemedicine service for parents of premature children at Hans Christian Andersen Children’s Hospital. Through the OUH patient app and videoconferencing, families are able to be discharged and start their family life earlier than normal while taking care of their new baby themselves.

Before lunch, the delegates heard a presentation by Systematic about how hospital IT hasdigitized communication between nurses and hospital porters, providing more efficiency and linking the different hospital departments and securing a better workflow.

Later, the delegates visited the construction site of the new university hospital in Odense, which is expected to be completed in 2022 and will be one of the most modern and advanced hospitals in northern Europe. Here, the delegates learned about the planning and key design initiatives.

On their last stop of the program, the delegates visited Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark in Forskerparken, which is the central division for health innovation in the Region of Southern Denmark. Here, the delegates explored the new Healthcare DENMARK meeting point, which contains an interactive wall with elaborate information on the Danish healthcare system. Finally, before going to an evening reception arranged by WHINN, the delegation had a meeting with and presentation by the Danish company Intelligent Systems on the intelligent and fully automated transport and storage solution for hospitals.

The visit was organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK. For more information about this visit, please contact Deputy Director Anne Smetana or Communications Consultant Muqdad Al-Dakhiel.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark and seeing these or other Danish healthcare solutions and initiatives yourself, please do not hesitate to request a visit. Healthcare DENMARK will tailor a program to your specific preferences and assist with planning local transportation and accommodation.