Photo by Lenore Edman,

More patients get chemo at home

More Danish cancer patients get chemo therapy in the comfort of their own home.

A recent allocation of €5.3 million ($6 million) aims to increase the number of Danish cancer patients who get chemo therapy at home.

The allocation follows a successful trial project at the university hospital in Copenhagen in which 150 leukemia patients received chemo therapy at home using programmable pumps rather than during admittance to hospital. The project shows that patients are very satisfied with the home chemo treatment. 

The pump is wireless and can be carried in a backpack or a special belt bag. This enables patients to live a close-to-normal life and many are able to attend school, work, and maintain their social relations while they receive necessary treatment for their illness.

Home treatment with chemo is a voluntary offer for cancer patients. Before beginning treatment with the pump, patients receive a thorough introduction to the pump to ensure that they feel comfortable using it.

The €5.3 million ($6 million) allocation is part of the Danish government’s cancer plan IV for 2017-2020, which will be negotiated in the fall of 2016, and the plan is to expand home chemo treatment to the rest of Denmark.