New app for people with dementia helps support their memory

August 01, 2018
Old Woman Using Tablet
In close collaboration with people with dementia, relatives and healthcare professionals, researchers from the Danish Dementia Research Centre have developed a new app, which supports the memory and provides an overview of daily life.

A few years ago, a pilot project showed that many people with dementia could easily use a regular tablet. However, very few apps met their specific needs. Therefore, researchers from the Danish Dementia Research Centre had a strong focus on user involvement in the development of a new app, which helps support their memory and provides an overview of their daily life.

The users have been involved from the very start of the process and had influence on what the app should be able to do and how it should look like. The researchers have thus gathered several functions into one app that is tailored to people with mild to moderate dementia.

During the process, it was found that a calendar feature in the app is significant in terms of supporting the memory and providing an overview. For example, in the calendar the user can recall appointments, get an overview of contacts and view pictures in the diary. Relatives and healthcare professionals can also access the app and add appointments or pictures to the calendar.

The app has been developed as part of the research project ReACT - Rehabilitation in Alzheimer's disease using Cognitive support Technology.

Read more about the ReACT project here.

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