New business case on telemedicine for COPD patients

March 13, 2017
The Danish Agency for Digitisation has recently published a new business case on nationwide dissemination of home telehealth monitoring for COPD patients.

Previously, a preliminary business case developed in 2015 on nationwide dissemination of home telehealth monitoring for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) patients led to an agreement between the Danish government, Local Government Denmark, and Danish Regions on nationwide dissemination of telemedicine by the end of 2019. Beginning of March 2017, the Danish Agency for Digitisation published the results from a new recalculated business case, which has been conducted and evaluated from May 2016 to February 2017.

The recalculated business case is based on research data from the large-scale project TeleCare North in the North Denmark Region, and thus it is possible to stratify the business case to the target groups who experience the greatest effects from telemedicine (GOLD 3 and GOLD 4). As part of the TeleCare North project, COPD patients have been offered to carry out their measurement of vital values such as blood pressure, weight and oxygen saturation in their own home. Healthcare personnel in the municipality ensured follow-ups and rapid response if the patient’s condition was deteriorating.

The new recalculated business case will support the planning and implementation of telemedicine in all five Danish regions. The business case has identified a number of significant qualitative benefits for COPD patients using home telehealth monitoring e.g. increased knowledge about their disease, influence on their own condition, and improved quality of life. In addition, the results also show a decline in admissions and outpatient consultations as well as consultations in general practice.

Significant economic benefits are also associated with the implementation of home telehealth monitoring for COPD patients. The recalculations from the business case show an estimated payback period of approximately two years for the investment in nationwide dissemination of telemedicine and when fully implemented in 2021, the current expenditure will only amount to approximately 33% of the total annual benefits.

Read the full report here (in Danish).

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