New dementia village in Northern Denmark opens soon

April 11, 2017
Demenscenter Lundgården
In the city of Hjørring, in The North Denmark Region, an existing nursing home will be refurbished into a ‘village’ for elders suffering from dementia.

The existing nursing home, Ældrecenter Lundgården, situated in the city of Hjørring, in The North Denmark Region, will be transformed into a ‘village’ for elders who suffer from dementia.

The new center will be a combined nursing home and activity center where the newest concepts within care, living accommodation as well as activities specifically directed towards elderly people suffering from dementia are incorporated. The current staff will also receive special training to gain new competencies in assisting people with dementia. The education of staff, involvement of relatives and a warm and accepting environment will make the center an enjoyable and meaningful place for both the residents and their relatives.

The village is expected to open in September 2017.

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