New robot reminds elderly to take their medication

Within the next two years, Danish elderly from nine municipalities in the North Denmark Region will be reminded to take their medication by a new robotic solution.

A new robotic solution by the consortium MedicCare will work as a combined pill dispenser and emergency call for Danish elderly in nine municipalities in the North Denmark Region. The robot will remind the elderly to take their medication and will also be able to contact the Danish provider of emergency medical services, Falck, if the medicine is not removed from the dispenser. If the elderly does not respond to the call from Falck, the municipality will be notified.

The robot automatically gets information from the elderly’s medical journal and is thus able to dispense the right medication at the right time. At the same time, the robot can order new medicine when needed.

In autumn 2017, the solution will be implemented in three municipalities and thereafter spread to the rest of the nine municipalities within the next two years.