Online session about hospital logistics at the digital Vitalis conference

Vitalis is the largest eHealth event in Scandinavia, yearly attracting attendees with the shared aim of exchanging their knowledge and improving tomorrow’s healthcare. This year, on August 25-26, Vitalis will take place online as a digital conference.

In the online event, delegates take part in live broadcast panel discussions and keynote presentations, as well as pre-recorded lectures, in which current issues will be discussed by representatives from politics, government, industry and clinical professions.

On Tuesday August 25 at 13:00-14:00, Healthcare DENMARK is hosting a panel discussion with the topic of “Modern Hospitals - using Novel Technologies like IoT and Digitalization to improve the Service Flow”. The panel discussion will consist of Swedish/Danish conversations on both political level and local level.

Daniel Forslund, Commissioner for Innovation and eHealth at Stockholm County Council, and Nanna Skovgaard, Head of Department at the Danish Ministry of Health, will discuss the subject from a political perspective. e.g. what is required from a political level/the state and what can be managed on a local level.

”When you are in a hospital bed, you are there not to wait for treatment, you are there to get treatment. And to get treatment as fast and correctly as possible. And then, we want you out of the bed – back into your home, if possible. This puts a strain on how we use logistics and diagnostics tools.” – Nanna Skovgaard, Head of Department, Danish Ministry of Health.

Experiences from hospitals in Sweden and Denmark will be presented by Marie Löfgren, Servicechef, Patientvaktmästeri & intern logistik, Område Mölndal & Sjukhusen i Väster, and Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO of Healthcare DENMARK, who will discuss the practical use of IoT and digitalization focusing on Service Logistics solutions in hospitals. 

”I think that the system really gets us full transparency. You can see what is coming and what is not coming. It is easy for all users.” - Marie Löfgren, Servicechef, Patientvaktmästeri & intern logistik, Område Mölndal & Sjukhusen i Väster.

We hope you will join in and be inspired by this online session. You can still register for Vitalis and get your ticket before August 24.

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