Robotic tiles help elderly regain their balance

Robotic tiles for rehabilitation improves balance in elderly by 150 pct.

A special set of tiles, Moto Tiles, developed by Center for Playware at the Technical University of Denmark in collaboration with Entertainment Robotics, helps rehabilitate elderly. Using the robotic tiles some elderly have been able to improve their balance by 150 pct. and subsequently lose their cane or walker. That is the conclusion from Gentofte Municipality following a trial period with the tiles.

Many elderly people lose muscle mass and get uneasy on their feet causing them to fall. In some cases, these falls are so severe that they end up in hospital. Therefore, strengthening their muscles and improving their balance is an important preventive tool. 

The tiles are equipped with eight small lights that light up when the tile is activated. The tile is activated by touch. After a while the lights go out. The challenge then is to keep all tiles alight. Gradually, the lights go out faster and faster, which challenges the user to move faster to keep them alight.

Making rehabilitation a social and game-like activity rather than training stimulates the elderly to participate and exert themselves to improve their results.

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