South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare visits Denmark

On September 20-21, 2016, the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare visited Denmark on a two-day study trip to learn about Danish experiences in the field of elderly care and assisted living technologies.

A delegation from the South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare visited Odense, Denmark, on September 20-21, 2016. The aim of the visit was to learn about Danish experiences and best practices within elderly care and implementation of assisted living technologies. The delegation visit was organized and hosted by Healthcare DENMARK.

On Tuesday, September 20, the delegates started their study trip in Odense by visiting the Danish Technological Institute in Forskerparken. Here they met with the Head of Center who gave an introduction to the biggest Danish research and innovation initiative Patient@home. This initiative is a Danish platform for research and innovation projects focusing on development of assisted living and healthcare technologies. The project develops new products and services that reduce the pressure on healthcare and homecare services, and empower patients to receive integrated care in their own home. 

Next, the delegates visited the living lab, Public Intelligence, a new innovative environment where public authorities and private companies can co-create assisted living solutions. The delegates met with Peter Julius, Partner and Senior Consultant at Public Intelligence, who gave a presentation on Public Intelligence and the network for living labs in Denmark.

On Wednesday, September 21, the delegates visited the Department of the Elderly and Disabled at Odense Municipality. First, they met with Hans Erik Henriksen, CEO of Healthcare DENMARK, who presented the Danish healthcare system with a special focus on elder care and e-health. Next, the delegates learned about the municipal approach to elderly care with focus on rehabilitation. Rounding off the visit at Odense Municipality, the delegates were introduced to the financial approach of elderly care such as financial control of nursing homes. 

In the afternoon, the delegates had two site visits to nursing homes in Odense. First, they visited the nursing home Aertebjerghaven (Ærtebjerghaven) to learn about how Odense Municipality works with assisted living technologies to support and empower elderly citizens. Next, they visited Havebaek 1 (Havebæk 1), a nursing home with focus on implementation of assisted living technologies. Both visits included guided tours at the nursing homes.

If you are interested in visiting Denmark and seeing these or other Danish healthcare solutions and initiatives yourself, please do not hesitate to request a visit. Healthcare DENMARK will tailor a program to your specific preferences and assist with planning local transportation and accommodation.