Testing capacity and safe transportation is critical in the fight against COVID-19

Innovative solutions like the Tempus600 blood sample solution help Danish hospitals to immediately react and increase their COVID-19 capacity. The solution provides a direct transport line from the hospital ward to the laboratory. All types of small clinical samples can be sent with the Tempus systems - including COVID-19 samples, which enables faster response time and reduces the risk of transmitting virus between the wards.

Two Danish hospitals have already implemented Tempus600 solutions in their Covid-19 departments. In just two days, at the Hospital of South West Jutland, Esbjerg, an existing Tempus600 sending station was moved to the newly established Covid-19 department for transportation of samples directly to the laboratory. Additionally, at the hospital in Southern Jutland, Aabenraa, the orthopedic surgery department has just been turned into a Covid-19 department and when the patients start to arrive the plan is to use the existing sending stations to transport blood samples directly to the biochemical laboratory for analysis.

The solutions can be installed in the Covid-19 department or test center for transporting the Covid-19 specimen to any laboratory destination. The short installation time (just one week for new hospitals) helped the Danish hospitals in their immediate and swift reaction to the crisis.

Samples are handled by only one person from sampling until the specimen lands in the laboratory for analysis. Sample tubes are sent from the department to the laboratory using compressed air. As the Tempus600 is a closed system, no air is transferred from the ward to the laboratory and the risk of infection or loss of samples is virtually zero.

“Our experience is that during the flu season, we have porters who shuttle back and forth between the accident and emergency department and the Clinical Diagnostics Department to get samples analyzed as quickly as possible. With COVID-19, we realized that we needed an efficient and secure solution for the transport of samples. So instead of the porters shuttling back and forth with the COVID-19 samples, it would be incredibly smart to use the Tempus600 system to send them, rather than using staff resources to do it,” says Ditte Jørgensen, department bioanalyst at the Microbiology, Clinical Diagnostics Department.

Therefore, the risk of transmitting virus between the wards or of the specimens disappearing during transport is minimal.

The samples are sent unpackaged just after sampling, avoiding the time and resource-intensive transportation of the samples, which ensures fast response times and optimal treatment of critical patients.

You can read more about Tempus600 here

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