The iconic Danish yellow Health Insurance card goes digital

June 03, 2021

This week, the app “Sundhedskortet” (Health Insurance Card) was launched as a digital alternative to the iconic yellow health insurance card, which has been part of the Danish healthcare system for 50 years and ensures every Danish citizen the right to receive public healthcare services in Denmark.

The health insurance card shows the name, address and Social Security Number of the card holder, as well as the name and address of the card holder’s GP. The card is therefore an essential part of interacting with the Danish healthcare system.

The new app provides the same information as the physical health insurance card, while also enabling parents to automatically see their children’s health insurance cards and accompanying information. The app automatically updates any information that may change at the request of the citizen, such as change of name, address, or doctor.

The digital version of the Health Insurance Card is yet another example of an innovative digital solution to make everyday life easier for the Danes. It is expected that the app will be widely used - especially by families with children.

The app has been developed by the Agency for Digitisation in collaboration with The Danish Ministry of Health, Danish Regions, and Local Government Denmark.