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What we offer

ANYgroup produces a solution called IntelligentCare and solutions that make communication and care more straightforward. We use only open standards and open source software. IntelligentCare includes: The market's most intelligent sensors, online locking system, call systems, video communication, and online monitoring.

Products and solutions

IntelligentCare® Home Guard

IntelligentCare is an infrared technology with improved reach through broadband and wireless technology that allows virtual, or tele-consultation, between the user’s doctor, nurse or other healthcare personnel, thereby reducing the need for home visits, hospital contracts, emergency room visits, or hospitalizations. The system, operating in an interactive wireless environment using advanced digital electronics, is a safe technology that facilitates stable operation and elimination of false alarms. IntelligentCare comes with needs-specific, customized programs, like: • AccessCheck • FireAlarm/FireGuard • Smoke detecting/FireGuard • FallGuard • KitchenGuard • BedGuard • ToiletGuard • DoorGuard • PresenceCheck
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Electronic access control

Greater security; more safety for residents and their families. Improved effectiveness; care givers have more time for their patients. Easier control; less administrative hassle and more control for those in charge ¬ Care Access is prepared for: Dementia protection Smoke alarms ¬Remote control ¬Motion sensors ¬Monitoring electrical appliances
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Case stories

Electronic access control - Aarhus municipality

We experience more safety “Our home care employees have been very satisfied with Care Access and the process. Our employees previously used a lot of time handling and exchanging keys and this time can now be used more sensible. At the same time the system gives the residents peace of mind.”


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