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Company description

Elevating care chairs for personal hygiene, toiletting & showering as well as person lifters and consultancy with regard to training of caregivers.

What we offer

Systems-of-Care for both elderly care and for hospitals in terms of hygiene, transfer and lifting routines, based on care chairs and person lifters, which create optimal work safety combined with lower total cost of care and increased caregiver & patient satisfaction.

Products and solutions

Alto CareChair

Alto CareChair is the most modern way of handling lifting, transfer and hygiene routines. It guarantess that the caregiver has optimal working postures during all steps of the process i.e. during lifting, toiletting, showering, general care, wound care and getting dressed. It is very compact, which means that the caregivers have good working space even in the shower. Yet it has a high weight capacity combined with a large lifting interval. Alto CareChair is the only chair in the world with electrical central brakes controlled on the hand control. The chair was developed as user driven innovation, incorporating the wishes of more than 1.000 caregivers.
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Rise IIIS Shower-, Commode and Care Chair

Rise was the first ever shower-, Commode and Care chair with electrical elevation. Over the years the product has continuously improved. It is extremely compact and therefore ideal both for home care use and for instituions/hospitals with small bathrooms.
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Borringia XXL Lift

The Borringia XXL Lift is a specialised lifter for bariatric care. Developed in cooperation with Danish University Hospitals, the XXL Lift is the only mobile lifter in the world with powered omni-directional driving as well as an active positioning system, which allows the patient to be placed both in a sitting and in a lying position. In this way the XXL Lift combines the flexibility of the mobile lifter with the safety of ceiling track systems.
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Case stories

Lifting, transfer & hygiene

Lifting, transfer & hygiene routines in elderly care in the Danish cities of Aarhus, Odense and Slagelse were reorganised with the combination of elevating care chairs and ceiling hoists. Care givers were thoroughly trained in the use of the new equipment. An independent consultancy carried out measurements of time spent on lifting, transfer and hygiene routines before and after the implementation and a business case was developed based on the time measurements. The results speak for themselves:
- In 75% of the cases the routines could be carried out by 1 caregiver instead of 2.
- If implemented nation-wide, the savings are estimated to be 859 full time jobs or 357 mio. Danish kroner in salaries annually.
- Net savings over a 10 year span are estimated to be 2,9 billion Danish kroner.

The solution is presently being implemented by a large number of Danish municipalities.

Elevating Care Chairs

Elevating care chairs from Borringia were implemented at Bornholm's Hospital. Borringia also trained the staff in modern transfer techniques. The Danish Technological Institute (TI) carried out measurements of time spent on lifting, transfer & hygiene routines before and after the implementation. The results were remarkable: * The over all time spent on lifting transfer and hygiene routines fell by 68% * The number of work injuries from these routines fell from 10 per year to 0. Subsequently TI developed a business case. If rolled out on a national level 466 full times jobs could be saved, equivalent to 160 mio. Danish kroner in annual salary savings. Over an 8 year span the net savings will amount to 1,2 billion Danish kroner.

Borringia Care ChairIn the Danish city of Aalborg, the implementation of Borringia care chairs in combination with ceiling lifts is being carried out on all 47 nursing homes. Borringia Consulting is jointly with another supplier in the process of traning all 1.600 caregivers working at Aalborg's nursing homes.


Henrik Kofoed
Borringia A/S
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