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CDM A/S is a Danish owned software company who has a strong foothold within life science and the public healthcare sector where we offer tender management solutions, regulatory systems and we are also working with e-permissions and teledetailing.

Products and solutions

CDM Pharma Tender Optimizer

CDM A/S has developed a renowned solution for EU tender management of pharmaceuticals. With the CDM Pharma Tender Optimizer the processes are automated with regard to communication with authorities, preparation of tenders, budgeting of purchasing requirements, procurement and collection of tenders from suppliers. All processes are digitalized to reduce manual processes to a minimum. The suppliers can only access tenders online and all offers must be submitted through the system. Also all internal work processes are digitalized and structured which makes the execution of tenders easier and faster while you reduce manual mistakes.
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Case stories


The solution has secured more effective communication and processes with all stakeholders following from the electronic and automated tender system. Today the solution is pivotal for Amgros in keeping its leading position as purchaser of healthcare products. At Amgros 12 employees manage 340 tenders a year worth 1,6 bn. euro. and experience an annual average saving of 28% “Needless to say, we have missed a structured and less demanding work process. That we get with CDM’s Tender Management solution, which includes a project management tool for managing and monitoring the whole tender work process” – Vice President, Amgros Learn more


Ida Dufresne Wogensen
Fredensborg Kongevej 56
2980 Kokkedal

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