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What we offer

DanSign is a supplier of architectural and flexible wayfinding systems and sign solutions of high quality and unique design. DanSign acts as the architect and designer’s partner in developing these wayfinding/signage solutions. Since 1982, DanSign provides traditional and electronic wayfinding solutions worldwide through its local representatives, as well as an extensive global partner network. To create a signage solution for hospitals is a complex task as many people of all ages, nationalities, and with physical / mental disabilities pass though daily. The signage should be easy and logical to follow so that people can easily identify and find their destination.

Products and solutions

Wayfinding projects

Wayfinding and Consulting Consultancy on wayfinding projects is one of DanSign’s core competences. Guiding people from A to B in buildings may sound simple on the face of things, but it is usually extremely complex, and creating rational and efficient people flows through e.g. hospitals and universities requires many years' experience. DanSign's approach, which is rooted in the systematic and analytical collection of comprehensive information, is key to creating an efficient wayfinding solution. Using simple analyses and models we solve complex wayfinding problems and our solutions are designed to be efficient for many years to come.
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Signage - signs for indoor and outdoor use

Signage - indoor, outdoor or electronicDanSign supply high end static and digital modular sign systems around the world. Our systems and solutions have received several design awards in both Europe and North America. The flexibility and ease of maintenance of our systems is unique and DanSign holds a world patent on the locking device that locks and fixate the signs.
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Super Graphics / Digital Print / Vinyl

Creative solutions with unlimited possibilities – with printed super graphics and cut vinyl you can decorate walls, glass, floors and ceilings in hospitals etc. The print can serve as graphic decoration and / or have functional and practical properties. Contact DanSign for more information about graphics, vinyl, glass decorations, security, solar and climate film.
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Digital Signage Solutions

DanSign digital sign system offers the perfect signage solution in any building to display changing welcome messages or inform guests/clients/personnel about activities, meetings, anniversaries, or important information. The system can be fully integrated with the building’s booking system. The screens can be updated from the front desk or a designated central location. There is a built-in wayfinding module in the software, so guests can be easily guided to their destination.
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Philips Luminous carpets - wayfinding in the floor

Luminous carpets are developed/produced by Philips. invisible integration of LED lighting in carpets and vinyl flooring, that comes to live by moving messages or images and guide visitors/guests. Luminous Carpets are easily connected to your electrical and IT infrastructure. In case of emergencies the lights will help to find the nearest exit.
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Philips Luminous textile - A concept that play with colour, movement, texture and light.

Bring spaces alive – Philips luminous textile with Kvadrat Soft Cells. Luminous textile integrates multi-coloured LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. You can express emotions, make a design statement and bring spaces alive. See video of Philips Luminous textile from Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød, Denmark: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.largeluminoussurfaces.com/content/case-study-nordsj%C3%A6llands-hospital-denmark">http://www.largeluminoussurfaces.com/content/case-study-nordsj%C3%A6llands-hospital-denmark</a>
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Philips Luminous patterns – create an enchanting welcome with energizing light

Luminous patterns is creating new opportunities for architects and designers to enrich interiors through the integration of color, texture, light, pattern and movement. We take the versatile power of LEDs and house it in a beautiful bespoken panel, creating a signature ambience that is ideal for hospitality and retail interiors.
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Case stories

Signs for Spectrum Health Care, USA

Hospital signage/signs Learn more

Signs for hospitals

Leamington District Memorial Hospital, Canada Learn more

Hospitals signs in Denmark

Copenhagen University Hospital,Copenhagen, Denmark Learn more

Gildhoj Private Hospital

Gildhøj Private Hospital has just got updated signs both inside and out. The logos have also been changed


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DanSign A/S
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