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EG Social delivers a systems that covers administrations as well as providers in the specialised social care and eldercare sector. As a close partner with public and private players we develop practice-based solutions in collaboration with users. EG is a Scandinavian technology partner that provides world-class digitisation solutions for public and commercial customers. Our aim is to enable our custom-ers to realise their full potential. We seek to achieve this through consistent customer focus, in-depth industry knowledge and attraction and retention of the best industry talent. Would you like to be part of our success? Find out more at

Products and solutions

EG Sensum

EG Sensum is a platform for communication, structure and planning within finance and case management. It supports the municipality's overall initiatives to structure and automate time-consuming administration. This frees up resources to prioritise the citizen-related effort. The platform is designed in collaboration with the municipal sector and provides a wide range of op-portunities for: - Optimising and automating work procedures of the staff - Structuring the communication between citizen, staff and the citizen's relatives - Saving time for the staff and giving them the overview needed to focus on key assignments - Offering increased structure, assistance and security to citizens in their everyday.
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EG Sensum Bosted

EG Sensum Bosted is a social care IT solution that supports all functions of a group home. - The management gets a social care IT system that supports all internal and external documentation. - The solution supports easy and efficient delivery of status and relevant data to the municipality. - The staff works in a user-friendly system that always provides an up-to-date overview of tasks and all relevant information about the citizens. - Documentation tasks are made simple and efficient through quick access to plans, targets, subtargets and journals.
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EG Careplan

Sensum Careplan is a modular platform for communication, structure and planning designed to improve the lives of citizens, optimise the work procedures of the staff and enhance the communication between the citizen, the staff and the citizen's relatives. The platform consists of: - A user interface with easy-to-understand modules for the citizen - An administrative system, mobile apps and overview screens for the staff - A mobile app for relatives that provides insight into the citizen's everyday life - Info screens and virtual receptionists streamlining the information on site.
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EG Shareplan

The solution is a digital tool for the staff enabling them to get a quick overview of today's tasks, the citizen's appointments, tasks to be solved and resources to be ordered, just to mention a few things. Sensum Shareplan minimises the risk of unintentional incidents, and more time is freed up for educational initiatives. The platform consists of: - A user interface with easy-to-understand modules for the citizen - An administrative system, mobile apps and overview screens for the staff - Family involvement through a mobile app for relatives - Info screens and virtual receptionists that guide and provide information to residents and visitors.
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Case stories

EG Sensum

We have placed great demands on the cohesion of the social care IT system that will be supporting a large number of work procedures digitally. Not only procedures of caseworkers and educational staff working in the field of children and adults in the various departments, but also procedures across organisational boundaries. One common IT system for four departments opens the doors to new professional possibilities. The citizen MUST be at the centre – also when it comes to IT. We are convinced that EG is just the right partner to perform this task. Henrik Vind, development consultant, Silkeborg Municipality

EG Sensum Bosted

EG Sensum Bosted has given us more control of the documentation and easier access to all necessary in-formation. Everything is not only stored in our heads anymore. But we have also acted on the large amount of sensitive personal information that was in fact more or less freely accessible in the building. Pernille Hyldtoft, department manager

EG Careplan

Look – you swipe your finger across the screen here, and then the meal plan, activities and news are shown. There are a lot of things that you will like here if you know how to use it. It's great to keep up with the times – which is what you do when you join this. Inge Tove Jensen, resident at the care home Solbjerg Plejecenter

EG Sensum Shareplan

With EG Sensum Shareplan, we have been able to reduce the overlap between the duties every morning by 20 minutes. However, much more importantly, the staff is now faster "on the floor" with a better overview of the tasks than before. This means happier staff and more confident citizens. Anne Mette Korsgaard Drustrup, department manager at Poulstruplund


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EG Social
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