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What we offer

We offer a wide range of compliance services to help you ensure that you never compromise patient safety and that you are always inspection-ready. Whether we collaborate with you regarding validation, project management, management consulting or whether we provide training within data integrity and IT compliance, we always make sure to prepare you with the most precise legislative interpretations, enabling you to generate and maintain sustained competitive advantage. Cooperation with us allows you to always deliver the highest quality and to always ensure that you are in compliance.

Products and solutions

Management Consulting

We have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise within GMP-regulated production thanks to numerous years of engineering experience from design, construction, validation and start-up of or changes to IT & Automation systems, production lines and facilities. Furthermore, from the project management and management consulting services that we have provided to so many clients, we have developed a unique knowledge and expertise within strategy and management in GMP-regulated companies. Follow the link to see a list of the most common tasks we have solved for management teams in hospitals, pharmaceutical and MedTech companies in order to optimize and develop their business:
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Project Management

Our many years of experience with and insight into the pharma industry, to name one, allows us to safely manage your projects through all phases, from conceptualisation to execution. We have experience managing all kinds of projects, from the smaller and relatively uncomplicated to the time-consuming and extremely complex.
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Let us assume responsibility for your compliance with the expectations of the public authorities and for making sure that you are always ready for inspection
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Ongoing education, training and knowledge sharing are critical for our ability to offer a high level of quality in everything we do We do not keep this knowledge to ourselves. This is why we established the Genau Academy - to enable continuous improvement, for both us and our clients.
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Let's share knowledge

Genau Talks is a series of videos that focuses on questions and tendencies within compliance. We would like to share this with you. Our CEO, Henrik Johanning, looks at current subjects within different professional-technical disciplines and discusses them with specialists.
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Genau & More A/S
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