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After 25 years in business, HarritSorensen occupy the spot of seasoned veterans in their field of industrial design. With a wide range of projects across a broad spectrum of industries, the firm prides itself on great versatility and expertise, and clients across the board speak of the direct positive impact of the HarritSorensen award-winning designs on market share and the bottom line. With HarritSorensen in your corner, your business too can find new ways of optimizing products and standing out in the market place.

Products and solutions

HarritSorensen Industrial Design

HarritSorensen is a Danish industrial design firm founded in 1991. With offices located just north of Copenhagen, HarritSorensen provides design services to a wide variety of clients all over the world in industries ranging from high-tech medical equipment, toys and furniture, to traffic solutions, farming and more. Over the years, HarritSorensen has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards, including the Danish Design Prize (2000); the EU Product Award for Sustainable Development (2002); the Danish Product Award (2011); seven Spiel Gut Awards; and multiple Red Dot Design Awards, including the Red Dot Best of the Best in 2015.
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Case stories


Received Medical Design Excellence Award 2011: Conveen® Active and Conveen® Optima After talking to end-users and thoroughly examining the challenges particular to male incontinence, HarritSorensen designed the Conveen® Active urine bag and the Conveen® Optima urisheaths, intended to be used together as an alternative to traditional absorbent products. Conveen® Active represents a safe and descreet option for men who want comfort and discretion while remaining physically active. Learn more


The HarritSorensen design of the Advantage Plus® Pass-Thru Reprocessor is the result of diligent research, including extensive interviews with end-users and decision-makers in several countries. With its transparent design, pass-through capability, integrated smart technology, touch-free operation, reduced scope handling, and fast and efficient turnover, the Advantage Plus® Pass-Thru Reprocessor is an ideal solution for high volume providers. Learn more


The Ambu® SPUR® II is the only resuscitator that is made from an environmentally safe SEBS material rather than PVC and therefore fully disposable, eliminating all risk of cross contamination. The SPUR® is small, lightweight and easy to grip and hold. The unique double-wall concept and single-shutter valve system of the Ambu®Mark IV give this reusable resuscitator its famous 'feel' and make it easier to manage airflow to the patient. The Ambu®Mark IV comes in two sizes, Adult and Baby, and are 100% latex free. Learn more


Ropox Swing Washbasin and Dock-In Station, Toilet Support Arms, Changing and Shower Bed, Shower Seat. HarritSorensen worked with Ropox to develop a range of products specifically designed to facilitate daily bathroom routines for people with disabilities. In the design, particular emphasis was placed on creating products that blend effortlessly and easily into everyday life, for users as well as caretakers. Learn more


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HarritSorensen ApS
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