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ICURA ApS develops welfare technological training solutions. Our platforms motivate patients, improves the quality of home training and optimizes and qualifies the course of treatment for the benefit of both patients and therapists. Our products are user friendly and works across platforms. The products share a common technological basis and can therefore be combined so the overall solution is precisely adapted to context in which you wish to use them. ICURA ApS was founded in 2011. The ICURA team consists of engineers, interaction designers and software developers. The ICURA office is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Products and solutions

ICURA Trainer

ICURA trainer is an interactive, remote monitored training platform that can easily be integrated into a patients everyday life. ICURA trainer consists of motion sensors that can measure and analyze the quantity and quality of training and a mobile application that guides the patient and provides visual response. ICURA trainer can be used by patients who are about to start a treatment course where the focus is on quality in home training. It may, as an example, be rehabilitation of specific body parts or maintenance training with special exercises. ICURA trainer has been jointly developed with therapists and patients.
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ICURA Activity

With ICURA activity, it is possible to measure a patient's level of activity. Through an easy to understand user interface patients are urged to be more physically active, and to implement a series of simple exercises. Activity and exercise results are displayed on the mobile device.
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Case stories

Gentofte Kommune

"Positive - throughout. No transport, you can do it whenever you want, and you feel obligated." Doris Nyrup — Patient "It gave an inspiration and motivation to do it right and really work out every day." Mogens Høiby — Patient "ICURA gives greater responsibility to the citizen and it is my experience that one gets to train more." Inge Bohn Bidstrup — Physiotherapist "We clearly have a better picture of how they train at home, how much and how they do it." Rasmus Schierbeck — Physiotherapist


Jakob Mandøe Nielsen
Njalsgade 23, 2.
2300 København S

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