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Idéklinikken (the Ideas Clinic) is part of Aalborg University Hospital and the objective of this clinic is to provide employees at the hospitals in the Northern Region of Denmark, patients, relatives and others with an entry point for assistance of their ideas for new products or solutions. Staff at the office in Forskningens Hus (House of Research) is always approachable in the office, but they also visit the hospital departments to follow everyday life there and initiate dialogue about improvements in the daily work.

Products and solutions

Case stories

Stretch sensor

The foot movement and functionality is essential for the remaining body parts to function well. Because of this, it is very important to be able to examine the movement of the foot. The challenge clinicians face is how to measure the foot’s movement in a fast, accurate and easy way. Today the gold standard tool is a visual evaluation of the bare foot while walking and running but as the main part of the population rarely moves barefoot but in shoes, there is a need for a simple and reliable measuring tool capable of measuring how the foot moves inside a pair of normal, everyday shoes. The stretch sensor can support doctors, physiotherapist and other foot therapists in making an evidencebased diagnosis and start a prophylactic or more focused treatment faster – with less pain and discomfort to follow for the patient. In addition, after the doctor has initiated the treatment, the stretch sensor can be used to determine whether the treatment has the desired effect. With the stretch sensor the therapist get a tool to control the position of the foot as well as to document the treatment.

MamaOno, a carrying sling, highly suited for premature babies

It is well documented that skintoskin contact between the mother (or father) and the baby is important and that there is a special need for this for premature babies. The skintoskin contact stimulates the mother’s milk production, which helps the baby gain weight, the baby’s respiration is stimulated and stabilized, and essential hormones and enzymes, which support the baby’s growth, are released. Located between the mother’s breasts the baby attains the right body temperature, the baby calms down and bounds closely with the mother emotionally. The carrying sling for premature babies is a simple and lowtech solution developed to carry babies weighting down to 1.5 kilograms and up to max. 7 kilograms. It is easy for the mother to put on and off by herself without being dependent on anyone else.

Smartphone application for young people suffering from schizophrenia

Young people diagnosed with schizophrenia are a group hard to retain in the medical treatment. Unless they early on are engaged in a stabile course of treatment, science shows that they are in high risk of relapse into a psychosis leading to an even worse prognosis. In an innovative collaboration with a group of young schizophrenia patients, the need for support in their daily life has been identified. The research data has been converted into an app, which gives the patient a potential role as an active and engaged partner in his/her own course of treatment. The app is developed under the slogan ’nothing about us, without us’ which means that the young people have been involved in prioritizing and the decision making processes.


Eskild Holm Nielsen
Sdr. Skovvej 3E
9000 Aalborg

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