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What we offer

Magnus Olesen A/S develops and manufactures high quality furniture in cooperation with today’s leading designers and architects for the institutional markets. Focusing more and more on the Care sector - lately with user-driven product development such as the i-Sit chair and Solacia Resting Chair. In 2016 Magnus Olesen A/S received the FSC certification.

Products and solutions

The Session chair

The Session chair has an elegant and simple design and is build in solid wood. The unique combination of lightweight design, high comfort and very solid craftsmanship makes the chair usable for all kind of institutions. The Session chair and Session Relax are being used at several nursery homes in Scandinavia.
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The Pause chair

The design of the Pause chair is beautiful from both the back and the front side. The chair is stackable, can be connected for rows for canteens and conferences. It can be lacquered and upholstered depending on the function it needs to fulfill. As something brand new the Pause chair is available in PUR-rubber - ideal for the Care sector!The Pause chair fulfills the highest requirements of Danish Furniture makers quality control.
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The 8000 series

The 8000 series is an icon for the Danish institutional markets including hospitals. Each chair is build on a special and unique production technology, assembled without any use of tenons, screws or dowels. The series has a low weight and is very strong. Magnus Olesen has never experienced a complain on this series.
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Solacia the Beautiful Chair for Care

Solacia is developed in close cooperation between Gentofte Hospital, end users, Magnus Olesen and designer Lone Storgaard from DESIGN CONCERN. Gentofte Hospital was not able to find a resting chair that would cover their specific needs and requirements and therefore decided to develop a chair that would meet the criterias.
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Case stories

Slagelse Haver - Nursing-home

Magnus Olesen furniture is well represented at the new renovated nursery home Slagelse Haver. The furniture brings together with good comfort a nice and warm atmosphere to the location. Learn more

The i-SIT chair

The i-SIT chair is an innovation and meets the huge need in the healthcare market. It has been developed by research involving both users and experts in the field. The idea has been creating a design which can be used by all people, also with special needs and sickness. The chair can be personalized with textile and colors as desired. A stool in matching design is available for the i-SIT. Learn more

Bakkegaarden Nursing Home

Magnus Olsens resting chair Solacia is well represented at Bakkegaarden that is a nursing home for patient with dementia. When you enter you get the homey feeling because of the furniture that is colorful and comfortable. The chairs have different colors to help the patients find their way around the nursing home. Solacia has been developed in close cooperation between Gentofte Hospital, end users, Magnus Olesen A/S and designer Lone Storgaard from DESIGN CONCERN to ensure it fits all needs of different end users that need a comfortable resting chair. Learn more

Bakkegaarden Nursing Home

Aalborg Hospital

Magnus Olsens is represented in various areas at Aalborg Hospital. In the waiting areas you find our Tonica Easy chair and in the meeting rooms you find our normal Tonica chair both chairs are extremely comfortable due to the flexible back, the Toncia Easy chair is ideal for Lounge and Waiting areas as it has a wider seat. It is also important that the chairs have happy and playful colors in the waiting areas as the colors can help make people relax and steer their thoughts in a positive direction. Learn more

Gentofte Hospital

Magnus Olsens is represented in various areas at Gentofte Hospital. Our Solacia resting chair has been developed together with Gentofte Hospital and this chair is very well represented at Gentofte Hospital together with Session Relax and our well-known Butterfly chair. The focus when developing Solacia has been to create a beautiful chair that could help minimize the feeling of “illness”, intended for the non-emergency patients. It is ideal for the surgical and medical patients that are not bedbound as it suits their need for an extremely comfortable resting chair when they are out of bed. Learn more


Magnus Olesen
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