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At Monsenso, we help individuals and health care providers handle mental illnesses in the most efficient, engaging and convenient way. Our solution provides high-quality, real-time and ecologically valid behavioural data. Furthermore, it enables early intervention and facilitates remote monitoring and clinical decision-making. The patient is more engaged in their treatment and supported for self-treatment.

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The Monsenso solution

The Monsenso mHealth solution helps optimize the treatment of mental illnesses. It can be configured to support the treatment of most behavioural disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder, borderline personality disorder, and anxiety among others. The Monsenso mHealth platform has been technically and clinically validated in three clinical evaluation studies and a randomized clinical trial (RCT). Results obtained in patient-oriented clinical evaluations: ■ Extremely high compliance rate (87-93%) ■ Considered very useful and extremely usable by patients and clinicians ■ Very user friendly ■ Helps patients cope with their illness ■ Optimizes patient treatment
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Case stories


MindFrame is a mobile health (mHealth) solution powered by Monsenso that supports the treatment of individuals suffering from schizophrenia. It consists of a smartphone application for patients and a web portal for clinicians. This solution was developed in collaboration with the Unit for Psychiatric Research, a group of young patients and their caregivers from the Infirmary for adolescents with schizophrenia (OPUS) in North Jutland. This group of users provided system developers with feedback regarding different functionalities that help them cope with their mental illness.


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