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What we offer

OBI Medical is a Danish medtech Company. Our mission is to enable healthcare professionals to reduce costs, clinical risks, and patient discomfort by using Venous Punctures instead of Arterial Punctures through the use of the v-TAC algorithm.

Products and solutions

v-TAC - Venous to Arterial Conversion Software

v-TAC is an advanced mathematical algorithm implemented into software, that can convert peripheral venous acid-base and blood gas values to arterial acid-base and blood gas values, with an accuracy and precision useful in clinical practice. v-TAC is patented, fully clinical validated and CE-marked.
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Case stories

Obviate the need for arterial punctures

v-TAC is commercially launched in 2015. Key focus areas include: • Pulmonary Wards, to obviate the need for repeated arterial punctures during ex. oxygen therapy, NIV treatment etc. • Acute settings, to obviate the need for arterial punctures and enrich current venous punctures and blood sampling by calculating arterial blood gas values from the venous blood sample • Other medical wards: Obviate the need for arterial punctures • Home care / home hospital: Home ambulatory control for eg. COPD patients


Bjarne Flou
OBI Medical ApS
Jacob Moellersgade 4
9560 Hadsund

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