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What we offer

OpenTeleHealth is a medical certified cloud based platform for measuring health data at home, using and App and a wide range of medical devices. Doctors can view multiple patients’ data on a secure web portal. The platform is simple and scalable, and covers all chronic diseases, at a low price affordable even at a large scale. OpenTeleHealth uses a unique clinical workflow which gathers patient context, and not just measured health vitals.

Products and solutions

OpenTeleHealth clinician platform

Doctors and hospitals have often found that they required multiple telemedicine systems to monitor patients who have a range of different diagnoses. This has been one of the obstacles making it difficult to harvest telemedicine’s economic benefits. OpenTeleHealth is a universal telemedicine platform that solves the problem by offering the flexibility to adapt to national as well as local clinical guidelines – and by using disease-specific clinical workflows. OpenTelehealth is easily adaptable to any condition or chronic disease. OpenTeleHealth supports off-the-shelf medical devices and tablets – and takes advantage of cloud technology to enable scaling.
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OpenTeleHealth patient app

Patients can manage their own health data using the mobile app, which supports the monitoring and management of single or multiple long-term conditions on one platform.
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OpenTeleHealth clinical workflow

OpenTeleHealth contains a unique clinical workflow which simulates a doctor-patient consultation. Doctors can design clinical workflows in the web portal and they are presented in the user-friendly patient app for the patient to carry out. The workflow includes questions and requests to make health measurements using medical devices.
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Case stories

Patient empowerment

OpenTeleHealth supports patient empowerment, and: - Enables users to better monitor and manage their own health - Increases mobility for patients in health care processes, they are not admitted to a hospital - Provides increased support for evidence-based decision making - Improves quality of life and lowers transportation costs - Avoids unnecessary hospital admissions Learn more

Patient measuring health data using device and patient app


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