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RH ARKITEKTER specializes in Life Science, pharma, biotech and sustainable green solutions. We have solid knowledge in design of laboratories and development of workspace for scientists, researchers and laboratory technicians. Our dedicated staffs of designers, planners and architects have vast experience in collaborations with companies, building contractors, engineers and suppliers in all stages of the creation process. We are committed to system design, logistics and product- and personnel safety. We are experts in project design of clean rooms as classified within GMP/ISP standards. Our work combines the artistic process with a functional, straightforward and beautiful architectural style.

Products and solutions


PACTA is a series of of furniture for laboratories. They are designed to minimize space consumption and ventilation needs. As always for RH DESIGN ergonomics is a key factor. PACTA has great flexibility and usability where drawers and elevation-system ensures against bad lifts and they give ergonomic correct working positions. The cabinets each have a dedicated internal fan that both enhance air quality for the researcher and save energy for the laboratory. The design creates composure and with its location and function in the room, it also means that PACTA keeps order in the laboratory and assures cleanability.
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The building is a U shape, with two laboratory wings and a central element housing administration and common facilities, and principally has three floors, although the northern facade has four due to the slope on which it is built. Part of the courtyard is excavated to provide direct access to the south-facing and sheltered courtyard from floor level -01, and to the northward-facing slope. An auditorium for 450 people is built into the north-facing slope, from where there is access to a courtyard garden with a view over the rolling landscape. Learn more

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Mette Hanghøj
Vesterbrogade 74, 4.
1620 Copenhagen

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