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What we offer

Silentia is a patented screening system that was developed to create a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff in hospitals, other care facilities and private clinics.

Products and solutions

Wall Mounted Screens

Wall Mounted Screens A Silentia screen preserves the integrity of patients without preventing staff from having a good view of the room and having eye contact with each other. This is especially important in intensive care and observation wards where staff also need to have a clear view of monitoring equipment. At the same time it allows daylight to flood into the rooms.Because each screen can be moved to one side it is easy to increase the space around a bed if required for care procedures. If additional privacy is required a mobile end screen can also be added.
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Mobile screens Silentia Screens

Mobile screens Silentia Screens offers a wealth of mobile possibilities. you are never locked into onesolution with Silentia Screens. Our range of mobile units makes it easy to create a temporary free-standing screen wherever the need arises. Our screens are designed to be fast, effective and always have the patients’ best interests at heart. 
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Fixed screens

Fixed screens have been developed for applications where more permanent screening is required. This system also permits a wider range of possibilities. A fixed screen between beds can, for example, be combined with a pull-out screen at the foot of the bed. Fixed screens can be used to create changing cubicles and other types of room within a room, without making alterations to walls.
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Mobile Bed End Screens

Our Mobile Bed End Screens makes it easy to quickly create a temporary freestanding screen wherever and whenever needed. Thanks to a patented and patent pending construction, the trolley’s footprint of the wheelbase is designed to take up a minimal amount space, without interfering with stability. T
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Case stories

Køge Sygehus (Hospital in the Danish city Køge)

Køge Sygehus (Hospital in the Danish city Køge) Learn more

OUH Odense Universitetshospital (Odense University Hospital)

OUH Odense Universitetshospital (Odense University Hospital) Learn more

Queen Ingrid’s Hospital in Nuuk (Greenland)

Queen Ingrid’s Hospital in Nuuk (Greenland) Learn more


Henrik Fribo-Søndergaard
Silentia ApS
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