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Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation (Health Innovation Centre of Southern Denmark) is the entry to the Region of Southern Denmark when it comes to innovation, assisted living, telemedicine, and the work relating to public-private cooperation. We create results and added value that is used at the hospitals, at the social institutions, and that fosters job creation in the region.

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The Shared Care Platform - supports the cross sector collaboration

The Region of Southern Denmark has developed an internet IT platform called The Shared Care Platform. The platform supports the cross sector collaboration necessary when dealing with patient groups with special needs for coordination between the general practitioner, the municipality and the hospital. The platform collects data from the health and social care providers’ individual IT systems and the data is the basis for a common treatment plan for the patient. Coherent course of treatment The Shared Care Platform is different from other IT solutions because it enables health and social care providers to provide the patient with a coherent course of treatment. The patients also have access to their own data on their computer, tablet or smartphone. This ensures increased patient empowerment and better self-care abilities since the patients can both follow and follow up on their own disease. Furthermore, the patients can monitor themselves at home and also e.g. answer questionnaires before coming to a consultation. All data entered by the patient is collected by The Shared Care Platform, and the origin of the data and the responsible author is traced. Producer and supplier: The Region of Southern Denmark in collaboration with IBM Contact: Alis Helmer Hassing, 2920 2206, ahh@rsyd.dk

Video interpretation – saves time and creates better consultations

82 pct. of all interpretations in consultations at Odense University Hospital are carried out as video interpretations. This makes The Region of Southern Denmark the region in Denmark that has progressed the most with the implementation of video interpretation on a national level. Odense University Hospital is leading the way and the number of video interpretations has already caught up with the number of regular interpretations. In an overall perspective both patients and staff members are satisfied with the video interpretation in both the somatic area and the psychosomatic area. Experiences show that it ensures better and more efficient consultations with patients. Some of the benefits are the improved possibility of offering acute interpretations, a decrease in the need of using relatives as interpreters, and time savings in the cases where a consultation is postponed due to delayed interpreters. The reason for the success in The Region of Southern Denmark is the support provided by managements, staff involvement, good technical systems, easy access to the equipment and last but not least well functioning services and support. Contact: Tove Charlotte Nielsen, 2920 1321, tove.c.nielsen@rsyd.dk

Telemedical wound assessment – working together on wound treatment

With the use of telemedical wound assessment, the development of the wound is monitored and documented using pictures and words. These pictures and descriptions are collected in a common IT communication platform. The pictures are send by using mobile equipment. This makes it easier for the wound specialists at the hospital to explain the further treatment and guide the wound nurses in the municipality. The citizens can be treated in their own home or locally in the municipality and avoid transportation to and from the hospital. Telemedical wound assessment provides the patients with better treatment through a stronger cross sector collaboration. It contributes to e.g. faster wound healing and earlier intervention if the condition of the wound worsens. National implementation of telemedical wound assessment Based on the experiences in the Region of Southern Denmark, telemedical wound assessment is now being implemented as a national service in Denmark. All municipalities and hospitals are involved in the common project of the overall implementation of the project. Training and education of key actors in the municipalities and the hospitals are also in focus to ensure proper qualifications for performing telemedical wound assessment. New types of collaboration across municipalities and in hospitals have been described in a common collaboration agreement where roles and areas of responsibilities are defined as a basis for the collaboration with the new telemedical communication platform. Producer: Danish Telemedicine/Dansk Telemedicin Contact: Nina Charlotte Schack, +45 2920 1307, nina.charlotte.schack@rsyd.dk


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Syddansk Sundhedsinnovation
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