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What we offer

We are experts in workflow analysis and design, implementation and evaluation in the healthcare sector. Symmetric specialises in a process-oriented view on practice. Therefore we analyse, evaluate and design processes with a focus on relations regardless of who performs them. By visualising the processes and their relations, hidden problems may become visible and appropriate work procedures and processes can be designed.

Products and solutions

Analysis and Design of Workflows: Experience shows, that workflow analyses are required for acquisition, development, implementation, and organisational change. But how are these carried out most appropriately and with involvement of those who perform the work?
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Implementation: That IT systems are good does not necessarily mean that daily life gets better after the IT system is implemented! The implementation process is a critical process that must be handled correctly if the work day after the system (the change) is implemented is going to make sense.
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Evaluation: It is important not only to see changes in isolation but in the context they occur. It often happens that a single task becomes easier, but others heavier. In Symmetric’s evaluation concept it is therefore important to identify and assess the unintended consequences.
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Symmetric Consulting
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