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Vendlet ApS provides equipment for bedridden patients with no or very little ability to assist during the turning and positioning procedures.

Products and solutions


VENDLET V5S is a completely unique electro-mechanic turning system for moving and handling the bedridden patient with limited resources. With VENDLET V5S you can reposition the bedridden patient to lateral, prone or supine position for hygiene, examination and positioning purposes. VENDLET V5S is an advantage for the care-givers, as it improves the work health and safety situation significantly. It is also an advantage for the client, who experiences greater comfort, independence and dignity. And finally, by implementing VENDLET V5S it is possible to optimize the daily use of resources considerably.
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VENDLET V5S+ is a completely unique electro-mechanic turning system for moving and handling the bariatric bedridden patient with limited resources. Use VENDLET V5S+ for the same purposes as VENDLET V5S.
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LEJRELET is a series of positioning cushions. The serie consists of only 4 chushions which combined, or individually, covers most requirements when positioning a bedridden patient. Having few chusions makes it simple to choose the right one, because the size and shape of the chushions offers great flexibility in use
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Case stories

The man who won't roll

The Australian Occupational Therapist, Frances Arnold, made a case study on the implementation of VENDLET on 49-year old Gavin. Gavin suffers from complete spinal cord injury, ABI, weighs more than 130 kg and has chronic pressure sores. The hospital staff had low confidence in assisting Gavin. Different equipment was trialed, but required either too much strength from staff, or were too small to handle Gavin's weight. The cost of care was spiraling as well as the cost of pressure sore treatment was significant.For Gavin, the implementation of VENDLET meant increased privacy and dignity and for the staff it meant better working conditions. Arnold’s study showed that the ROI on buying the VENDLET was broken in five weeks, due to reduction is staff required.


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