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What we offer

Zibo Athene distributes and rent out aids for the public sector and private persons. We offer competent counseling, products and services in the following areas: • Pressure, aids for preventing and reducing pressure ulcer • Sense, aids for stimulation of the senses • Rent & Service, rental, servicing and washing of aids Our mission is simple. We will make a positive difference every day, providing durable and innovative solutions to the health sector. Zibo Athene supports and simplifies the professional health staff at work and ensures not least users and their relatives sophisticated solutions. Solutions that prevents, treats and soothes ... and not at least make a difference.

Products and solutions


Our SENSE products are used by people with different challenges - including: • Mental disorders • Depression • Anxiety • ADHD and related problems • Schizophrenia • Eating Disorders • Autism Spectrum • Sensory disturbances • Prematurity • Neurodevelopmental • Dementia • Other neurological disorders - including spasticity, ataxia, paresis, etc. • Pain problems • Distress • Learning difficulties • Sleeping problems and disorders Our occupational therapists are happy to give professional advice in relation to the choice of sensory stimulation aids - targeted individuals or user group.
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Our PRESSURE products have focus on preventing, relieving and treating pressure ulcers. Pressure ulcers are a frequent disorder among hospitalized patients, nursing home residents and people who are immobile for a shorter or longer period (eg. wheelchair, bedridden and others). Pressure ulcers are a focus area in Denmark at both hospitals and municipalities. It is a condition that is very unpleasant and painful for the patient. It requires much care and is very expensive to treat. In the Health Sector professional health workers are working hard to prevent pressure ulcers, and Zibo Athene A/S assist with a wide product range, advices, guidance and training in the use of the various aids.
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Case stories

Case: Dementia

Together with an elderly woman with Alzheimer Dementia we have used a chain weighted blanket. By using the chain weighted blanket her anxiety is reduced and she has now got more zest for life, more energy, sleeps better through the night and has less anxiety. Learn more

Case: Psychiatry

To a patient with anxiety and depression, we have used a chain weighted west. It has given the patient the opportunity to participate more actively in her own life. She is now in a position to go outside by herself, to go shopping and travel by bus. All actions that she has not previously been able to perform because of anxiety. Learn more

Case: ADHD

Together with a boy of 10 years with big challenges due to inattentiveness, we've reduced sleep latency from just under 2 hours to about 15 minutes by using af chain weighted blanket. He feels better now, both socially and academically, he is more happy to go to school, his concentration is better - and he has started having playdates. Learn more


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Zibo Athene A/S
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