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Healthcare DENMARK prepares delegation visits to Denmark for high-level policy or decision makers, public authorities, or companies looking to procure Danish healthcare solutions or equipment or to form partnerships with Danish healthcare actors.

If you want to learn more about the Danish healthcare system, specific projects, or maybe want to explore some of the solutions yourself, do not hesitate to contact us. We can help you coordinate a program tailored to your interests and needs.

Please note: Our primary objective is to organize delegation visits for groups of high-level policy or decision makers, public authorities, or companies. Therefore, we only in exceptional circumstances accept to organize visits for individuals or for students. If you have any questions whether we can meet your request, please contact us.

Please fill in the form and we will help you arrange your trip to Denmark.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us: or +45 23 84 00 56.

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Connected Health
Technology is developing at a fast pace, and so is healthcare.
Sustainable hospitals
Building or rebuilding healthcare facilities such as hospitals covers different aspects of construction and service design.
Service & Operational Solutions
Healthcare institutions are found at local, regional, and national levels; and for example include hospitals, retirement homes and assisted living facilities.
Medical Devices
Measured per capita, Denmark has one of the largest industries involving the production of medical instruments in Europe
Rehabilitation Equipment
Danish companies are internationally recognized for their pioneering role in the care for the elderly and disabled.
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
This category covers all companies in Denmark researching, manufacturing, and marketing different drugs, vaccines etc.

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In order to pursue your request, Healthcare DENMARK needs to record and store the personal data that you submit in this request form. If we proceed with your request, we will share your data with the local institutions and partners which you will visit and/or meet during your time in Denmark. Your personal data will be stored for a maximum period of 3 years. To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, we kindly ask for your permission to record, store and eventually share the relevant data for this purpose. This consent can be withdrawn at any time. In case of withdrawal, Healthcare DENMARK will delete all of your data.

Please note: The services of Healthcare DENMARK are free of charge. Travel costs to and while in Denmark, accommodation and meals are at own expense.

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